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Fox And Phoenix (2011)

by Beth Bernobich(Favorite Author)
3.33 of 5 Votes: 5
0670012785 (ISBN13: 9780670012787)
Viking Juvenile
Lóng City
review 1: Kai Zu was a street rat, and then he and his gang solved the king of Long City's challenge and made friends with the princess. Life changed for him and his friends, with more responsibilities piled on that he'd rather not face. When the king grows ill, and the king of the ghost dragons sends him on a quest to bring the princess home from her studies in a nearby kingdom, Kai doesn't have much chance to refuse.There's more at work than simple miscommunication--and many who could profit from keeping the princess away.An exciting world of spirit companions, reanimated stuffed griffins, and magic spells gone awry. Adventure and a dash of humor await. The journey ends in a satisfying manner, while leaving the possibility for more.
review 2: Most of the time, I think
... morethat the e-novella prequels aren't necessary before reading the actual official "first" book in the series. This time, I think it IS necessary. So, start with Pig, Crane, Fox, not this book.This is a nice adventure book with mild romance (kissing). It's partly about a pair of friends who journey to rescue their friend and bring her home. It's also about a group of friends that has grown up to be more than seemed possible. less
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Very confusing, I always felt like I had entered a movie halfway through.
Interesting mixture of quest book with Chinese magic.
Just couldn't get into this.
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