Netflix Deep Dive: The Finder

Its that time to peruse the seemingly endless annuls of Netflix and dive deep into the history of TV shows and movies. This months pick is: The Finder.


The Finder was a one season show premiering on Fox. It was created by writer/director Hart Hanson who has a HUGE resume including shows like Stargate SG-1, The outer limits, Judging Amy, and his other TV show creation Bones.

The Finder is one of my favorite TV-shows, and one I find myself returning to often. It only had one season (due mainly to the death of actor Michael Clarke Duncan) but still packs enough to warrant repeated viewings. The show provides a refreshing change from the typical who-done-it procedurals (including Bones oddly enough) while adding just the right amount of personal drama to make it worth while.


The shows premise revolves around Walter, who finds things that are missing, and as usual when it comes to discoveries, he usually turns up more than people intend. Walter Sherman, portrayed by Geoff Stults (who honestly you couldn’t recognize from much, because his resume is meh) is on a never ending mission to find things. After a war-time injury, he had a predilection for finding lost things, but risks losing his sanity if he can’t find what he’s looking for.

The shows main attraction is the manor in which they represent Walter’s thinking process. Scale models made of action figures and bowling pins, hallucination induced clue finding and the absolutes best representation of those red stringed conspiracy boards you will ever see on TV. The Bones crossover episodes are pretty tiresome, but watching Walter smug his way to catching bad guys and finding what he was looking for never gets old.


Michael Clarke Duncan brings an incredible amount of heart to the entire series. His performance feels incredibly genuine and the show would not have succeeded with him. He is the perfect balance to Walters unpredictability and all of us could benefit from his words of tranquility spread throughout the show.


The main sour note in the show is that of Willa and her family struggles. While the character and actor portrayal itself is fine, the over complication of her gypsy family (no, seriously) are too much. This seemed like a unwarranted attempt to add another element of drama that was not needed. Troublesome teen is cliche enough, you don’t need to add on Gypsy family values as well (Gypsy family values will be premiering on TLC later this year…kidding)


If you are in a tight spot and need to find something to watch while on your lunch break or just want to switch it up from all those old office reruns, give The Finder a try. See you at the ends of the earth.


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