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Plain Perfect Daughters Of The Promise Novel (2000)

by Beth Wiseman(Favorite Author)
4.28 of 5 Votes: 3
1607515024 (ISBN13: 9781607515029)
Daughters of the Promise
review 1: Lillian has not had a perfect life and she wants to make changes. Lillian is going to go to her grandparents in Lancaster County to visit and maybe stay if the Amish life is for her. Lillian's mother Sarah Jane grew up Amish but made a decision to leave the Amish Community when she became pregnant with Lillian. Lillian has a hard time accepting some of the Amish ways and struggles with them, but her grandmother helps her understand the ways of the Amish. On the day Lillian arrived in Lancaster County she had to walk to her grandparents house, on the way she met Samuel an Amish widower who gives her a ride. Soon you begin to see a new Lillian and her faith growing stronger in the Lord and the the Amish ways. Her and Samuel become closer and things happen to test her and h... moreer faith....
review 2: This was on my to-read list, but I decided to listen to books while I quilt since I can't read and quilt at the same time. This story is about Lillian, a woman who grew up under a single mother who had grown up Amish. When things get a little stressful for her, she decides to visit and live with her grandparents on their Amish farm to seek peace. While there she meets Samuel, an Amish widower and father of his young son David who works for Lillian's grandparents. Lillian is seeking out God and trying to understand His will. This is a Christian romance and it is very cute and has some sad moments in it though. I liked it. less
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Done! I'm finally done with these books! HAHAHAHAHAHA *dies*
A fun book. Really enjoyed reading it.
loved this book, every page!
Great book!
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