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Burn Bright (2014)

by Bethany Frenette(Favorite Author)
4.07 of 5 Votes: 4
1423146662 (ISBN13: 9781423146667)
Dark Star
review 1: I really really like this series. Book 2 carries on about 2 months after where book 1 finished, with Audrey learning more about the Kin and trying to expand her powers and navigating her relationships with her mum and Leon. It felt like the author really got into her groove in this book - the characters are stronger, the story more exciting. I liked the addition of Susannah, she was a cool character. I also really liked there was more of Leon in this book. The only thing I'd point out is the lack of Gideon. He still seems like a great character to me and he was really relegated to the sidelines in this one. Hopefully he'll come to the forefront in the final book in the series. I cannot wait for the 3rd book.
review 2: As I have said before, Young Adult books ar
... moree like a decadent dessert, so tasty and gone too quickly. I wish I read my books as slowly as I savor cheesecake. I feel sorry for people who think YA books are for kids. Burn Bright, like Dark Star, has a richly imagined world with engaging characters and an enthralling plot, and NO love triangle. Although I guessed one plot twist during Dark Star, others totally blindsided me into stunned disbelief. I am very glad that Fire Fall is due out the end of September, because I am not as patient as I pretend to be. less
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This book was great. It had surprising revelations.
loving this series so far...
Needs more kissing.
4 stars
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