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Bulletproof Mascara (2010)

by Bethany Maines(Favorite Author)
3.55 of 5 Votes: 2
0743292774 (ISBN13: 9780743292771)
Atria Books
Nikki Lanier
review 1: I'd give it 3.5 stars if I could. It's a good book in theory, and some parts I really liked, it just wasn't quite there to be a good book. It really lags in the first half with too much action description of mundane things I found unnecessary. In the second half some parts seem to think they are an action flick and not a novel. This would be fine if novels had moving pictures to show these action sequences off better as many of these scenes were tricky to follow. A few too many cliches both in language and content but some good ideas, a fun, relatable heroine and an intriguing love interest. Its worth reading if you don't take it too seriously. Despite criticizing it too much in my head while reading it, when I was down to only 50 pages left I found myself googling to find... more out if there was a sequel.
review 2: This is the perfect beach read. Fun, fast, and (most important) clean. There was enough action and excitement to keep me turning the pages.That being said, I only gave it three stars because I didn't find it well written. There were several times that the awkward writing pulled me out of the story. Some of the characters were not well developed - I discovered at the end of the book that I had combined two different characters into one. Two characters had similar roles and were not well developed enough that I thought they were the same person. It wasn't until the end when they showed up so close together that I realized they were two different people. Oops.Overall a fun, quick, clean read. But not great literature. less
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Very slow and a little boring but redeemed itself towards the end after the action picked up.
James Bond type book...this is what I was reading when I got hit on at the Jiffy Lube! LOL
Just no
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