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Bulletproof Mascara [With Earbuds] (2010)

by Bethany Maines(Favorite Author)
3.55 of 5 Votes: 5
1441855831 (ISBN13: 9781441855831)
Brilliance Audio
Nikki Lanier
review 1: This book was a little slow at the beginning, kind of a lot of flashbacks, but then it really picked up. It's a spy novel using make-up ladies which is pretty fun. I'd like to read the next one in the series since it should start out running on the ground. I've got to read some [author Ian Flemming] to see how it compares with manly spy novels, but who hasn't thought that make-up cases would be great for smuggling?
review 2: What a creative premise! I love how the home party selling makeup giant is "Carrie Mae." LOL.Nikki Lanier (that's lan-yay to you, buddy!) is an out of work linguist, who finds herself in an interesting situation. A man is trying a pick up line on her that he needs a "wife" so his business contact stops trying to set him up with his ho
... morerse face sister. Would you go with it?Nikki definitely kicks butt (strong female-w00t!) while using fairly clean language (it's okay, Mom). less
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a fun, light hearted book. very far fetched, but definitely worth a pool or fireside read.
a fun little read. a bit predictable and nothing amazing, but entertaining.
Love this book. I have now read it two time. Very funny and creative.
It was so fun!
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