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Out Of The Pocket (2008)

by Bill Konigsberg(Favorite Author)
4.01 of 5 Votes: 5
0525479961 (ISBN13: 9780525479963)
Dutton Juvenile
review 1: So good. I think maybe is the type of sports story I was hoping for when I read Amy Lane's The Locker Room, which didn't have much. Lots of sports in this, which I love reading about, even though I don't really care about watching football. It created a solid backdrop for Bobby's story. If you're not a sports person, or if you actively dislike football (American), this might not be the right book for you.I like how well-balanced everything was in the story. Nothing was perfect, but nothing was awful. Every bad thing had a good aspect; every wonderful thing had a realistic side. Very solid, painful and painfully good story. (And I have to say that I didn't even realize until the end how low-key the romance aspect is. Usually it might bug me that that wasn't such a big part,... more but I didn't even notice, and in retrospect, the story is perfect as is.)
review 2: I finished this book in about one sitting, and I enjoyed every second of it! At first I thought it was strange that none of the football talk and terms got me bored, but I enjoyed the story so much it didn't even phase me. Bobby is 17 years old, and he's the star quarterback.., not only that but he's also gay. Bobby struggles coming to terms with his sexuality and his feelings for guys. This book was a lot about Bobby coming to terms with himself, and being open and honest. Coming out was a very big deal for him and it resulted in praise and negativity also. Bobby had to learn to deal with the reactions of his family, friends, and school mates. All in all, this book was inspiring and a great read! Definitely one of my new favorites :) less
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I love this story I think most would agree with themes and emotions, can't wait to read it again.
I truly love this book.
Full review to come...
Very satisfying read.
Good Book.
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