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Bo's Café (2009)

by Bill Thrall(Favorite Author)
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193517004X (ISBN13: 9781935170044)
Windblown Media
review 1: kind of like a sermon I heard a couple of weeks ago that seemed shallow and really didn't like, but I said,"it was meant for someone else rather than me" Later that week I heard several people comment how they were touched by that sermon. This book started out good, I thought I was going to really like it. It has some good points about what is success and being authentic but it was about a guy with anger issues and really wasn't meant for me, but I'm sure others will connect with it.
review 2: Steven bumps into an older guy called Andy, who turns out to have been a friend of his father's. They get chatting, and while Andy seems rather odd, Steven reckons he's worth getting to know. This seems a little unlikely given that Steven's having marriage difficulties
... moreand is - naturally - a bit suspicious of Andy, but it's how the book starts. Andy takes him to an eclectic, informal gathering at a cafe, where Steven gets to know some rather unlikely people and learns about God's grace and acceptance. It's not preachy, and the writing was good with some interesting characters. However I didn't find the book as revelatory as I had expected... the people Steven meets seem quite ordinary to me. Full acceptance, warts and all, is something I expect from my fellow Christians, and I'm disappointed when it doesn't happen. Steven appeared to be surprised by it, and the book seemed to assume that most followers of Jesus are bound up in structure and rigidity. Worth reading, probably; particularly for anyone who doesn't understand God's infinite grace and love. But slightly disappointing, given the advertising I had read for it elsewhere which suggested that it would be a mind-blowng experience. Three and a half stars, really. less
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Another good book about how God is in out life
Great story. Great lesson.
4.5 stars.
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