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Dirty DNA 2: 'Til Death Do Us Part (2000)

by BlaQue(Favorite Author)
4.86 of 5 Votes: 2
G Street Chronicles
review 1: Dirty DNA 2 speaks to those who knows what it is like to have a hard life out there in the streets. At one point we would either see someone gunned down, being arrest, dealing drugs or taking advantage of themselves in a negative aspect. However, that may not be the case because sometimes, things happen behind close doors and a strong saying, saying "what happens in this house stays in this house". Ultimately, this is the case if you are from the streets, with the characters in the book.Neko, ShaNiQue a.k.a NiQue, Dread, Pinky, and Detective Gatsby, are our main protagonist in this thrilling story. Just like any other ordinary day, we watch people out there in the real world who are trying to make it as rappers and provide for their families. Dread, Is a perfect example of... more this analogy given. He is currently involved with NiQue, who everyone seems to believe is Crazy. After a devastating loss of all her family members, for the exception of Neko, NiQue tends to talk to her self, and this other person comes out of her, known as Pajay. She is the Crazy, one who is all about revenge and doing the right thing. However, NiQue does not know how to control her so she pops Ecstasy pills because she figures thats the only way to get rid of her. That's when everything goes downhill. Therefore, Life doesn't seem right anymore, when everyone is seeking revenge for one another. This book will have you wanting to read more and the only way you can know what happens is to read, and get engaged in this Spectacular book. Each Character has a side of the story, and it's only right if you read to understand what they are feeling on an emotional level.
review 2: Awesome, Awesome, Awesome, Dirty DNA 2 is just what the title says DIRTY. I just finished reading this roller coaster ride and I must say I'm dizzy as HELL. Qiona Blaquecapitiangel Drummond you out it DOWN. I really enjoyed all the twist and turns. Thanks for clarifying some thing in the book. Ni'que/Pajay was a damn foo crazy is not the word for her. if I could i would have rated this book 8* and that's not because I rock with you you really did the Damn Thang on this one. I really Loved this one and give you 6 less
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This was a good book. I liked it better than part 1.
it was a good book. alot of suprises
I love this series
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