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Dinosaur Vs. Santa (2012)

by Bob Shea(Favorite Author)
3.72 of 5 Votes: 5
1423168062 (ISBN13: 9781423168065)
Disney Hyperion Books
review 1: This picture book is a holiday title in the “Dinosaur vs.” series. Young Dinosaur is quite rambunctious but manages to accomplish his Christmas preparations (decorating, making gifts, writing Christmas cards, etc) in due time, but has a hard time going to sleep on Christmas Eve! The graphic illustrations in this book are colorful and comical, which will appeal to a wide audience. The book also includes a model letter to Santa that librarians could copy for a lesson activity.This story would be a fun holiday read-aloud for younger elementary school students. Young kids will enjoy the roaring sounds and repetition, and will certainly relate to little Dinosaur’s worry about going to sleep so Santa will come.Fans of the other “Dinosaur vs.” books will probably apprec... moreiate this book more than others who have never read the series. It is a very brief book, so would work well for a quick read-aloud. Although there are certainly better holiday books available, this is a fun alternative that will appeal to young patrons.
review 2: Bob Shea's feisty red dinosaur roars his way through holiday preparations with wild abandon, much to the delight of my storytime audience. They joined me in roaring along with dinosaur and cheered with each "win." He writes his letter to Santa, decorates his tree, makes presents for his mom and dad, and avoids tempting cookies - all wins. But will he fall asleep on Christmas Eve for a final win??? This is a wonderfully silly book which my audience quite enjoyed. less
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Henry and I read this on December 4th. Did like as well as the other dinosaur books we've read.
The 6-year-old read this to me. He gave it 5 stars. ;-)
LOVE it!Roar, r o a r, R O A R!!!
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