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Community: Taking Your Small Group Off Life Support (Re:Lit) (2011)

by Brad House(Favorite Author)
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143352306X (ISBN13: 9781433523069)
Crossway Books
review 1: Fairly helpful book on small group structure in the life of a church. Mostly aimed at larger churches, but applications can be made to churches of all sizes. Most helpful for me was the section on scalability, making sure that your structures are in place with room to grow so you don't have to overhaul everything later on. The question I'm still left with is the best way to offer on-going training and support to community group leaders. House offers a model for this, but it seems to be me to be rather time intensive. Additionally, if everyone were to "do community groups" in the ideal fashion presented in this book, it's hard to imagine how ordinary lay people would have much time to serve the church or the city in any other ways.Still a book worth reading for church leade... morers seeking to revamp and improve their community group structure.
review 2: Life-changing book.This was such an interesting read. I literally hated the first two chapters. But as I kept reading--and rereading--it just started clicking...and I eventually grew to love it. And so, yes, this book is about community groups, but it's also a book about how to be a good neighbor. And for someone who just moved into a new home, this was perfect timing for me. Really looking forward to incorporating this into the life our our church, city, and neighborhood. less
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Helpful book for developing strong community groups. Chapter 5-8 are the best chapters in the book.
Very good book on starting, building, and working with small groups.
Really slow to be a non-academic book. Helpful information though.
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