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Faces Of The Gone (2009)

by Brad Parks(Favorite Author)
3.69 of 5 Votes: 3
0312574770 (ISBN13: 9780312574772)
Minotaur Books
Carter Ross Mystery
review 1: BradParks has a formula and his books get pretty similar. I really enjoyed the first title I read: it was funny, kept me turning pages. After several titles I see the formula: crooked cops, streets of Newark, intrepid investigative journalist with the hots for his sexy boss......it gets old after a bit and he becomes less compelling to read. Chocolate box reading - does to pass the time or comfort but doesnʻt extend or challenge.
review 2: I was going to give up on this book not long after starting it; it seemed overly simple (I was pretty sure I knew who the murderer was at the start), stereotypes were sledgehammered in, and the dialogue was sometimes corny. But I soldiered on, mostly because I wanted to know if I was right about the killer. And while it did
... morehave the above problems, it read quickly; Mr. Parks got some things right. The descriptions of the newspaper business and the heroin industry are in depth and done well. While I do not know much about either of those two subjects, the way they are portrayed seems realistic, and makes them interesting. That good is outweighed by the bad, though. Stereotypes are rampant, from the gay guy who is effeminate and overly concerned with fashion, to the way most males in the book view women as an almost different species of illogical characters. The main character seems to go out of his way to be plain. And Mr. Parks, who are you writing for that you think you have to explain that H means heroin, especially when you mentioned heroin a sentence or two before? There are a few other times where things that do not need explained are. It is unlikely I will be reading more of this series. I was about to type that I might read another in the series in the future to see if it improves, but then I remembered the pot scene, and, well, no. less
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A surprisingly fun read. Dark, and darkly humorous in all the right ways. More please!
Started slow, glad I stuck with it to the end. May read more from series.
Got most of the way through, but I didn't have it in me to finish.
one of the best books I have read recently
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