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The Good Cop: A Mystery (2013)

by Brad Parks(Favorite Author)
3.7 of 5 Votes: 2
1250005523 (ISBN13: 9781250005526)
Minotaur Books
Carter Ross Mystery
review 1: I don't know why I haven't heard of Brad Parks or his character Carter Ross before. This is the fourth Carter Ross book and a great one. Carter is a journalist for a newspaper, Newark Eagle-Examiner. One morning he is awakened early and told to go to a home of a cop that has been killed. He gets there and before he knows it he is told that it wasn't a murder but suicide. Things begin to happen like shots being fired at Carter and autopsy photos that prove he didn't kill himself (these photos and autopsy information is kept secret). In the end he finds out the true story. Very exciting and hard to put down.
review 2: This is the second Brad Parks' book that I have read. The first being Faces of the Gone. In both books the story is told from the view point of C
... morearter Ross a reporter for the Newark Eagle Examiner newspaper. Parks is a former writer for the Newark Star Ledger so he is spot on with his characterization of New Jersey and the newspaper industry. Parks manages to weave a humor into a first-rate crime drama. I will continue to read his books. less
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I really like Brad Park's comedic mystery style. The main character, Carter Ross, cracks me up.
I didn't finish reading it. There are so many other books I'd rather spend my time reading.
Good mystery by Brad Parks. Love his books!
4 1/2
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