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Last Dance Of A Black Widow (2011)

by Bradley Convissar(Favorite Author)
3.23 of 5 Votes: 3
Bradley Convissar, via Smashwords
review 1: Wow. Incredibly short, fast read. I like to see those who do bad get their just, eternal desserts, so the ending was satisfying. It does mystify me that anyone would truly feel as Abbey did and not repent to avoid eternal torment, but I guess that's what separates me from sociopaths. Which is a good thing. Good, worthy read. Got it as a Kindle freebie, not sure if it is still free now or not. Worthy read. :)
review 2: Abbey Whistler has just died and before Death comes for her, she is visited by her long dead father and all of her husbands she has killed. They want her to admit the truth that she is a sociopath, but even in death she still makes excuses. She has a last dance with her father and is then taken by death in what the reader assumes is hell. I lik
... moree these short stories because you can see the author's potential for writing a full length novel. This is a story I would love to see fleshes out into a longer novel! But readers /parents be forewarned - I do not think the content of this short story is appropriate for readers under 15. 4 stars! less
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It's a short story. It would make a good novel if some effort had been put into it.
A black widow woman waits for her deliverer when she dies at age 80.
it was ok
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