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Butchered (2012)

by Bradley Convissar(Favorite Author)
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Darkest Days Publishing
review 1: If you want a real gory scare, this book is for you.It's two short stories, so the book is fairly fast to read.The Butcher..When a serial killer kidnaps his latest victim, little does he know what she is capable of.He cages her and expects her to be scared shitless and scream, which is exactly what he wants. But this lady is different.She explains why and proves it.What will happen to him in the end is priceless :)Drop House..When two brothers and their cousin raid a drop house for illegal aliens expecting some kind of escape route that the illegals are taking to gain their freedom in the country. What they find is horrifying and totally unexpected.I loved both stories!! This is the first time for me to try this author and I'm glad I did. The cover of the book really grabb... moreed me and for $0.99 for the Kindle I thought it was worth the try.If you have a quezy stomach I don't recommend this though ;) But if you are a horror fan this will be a refreshing short read.Although I don't read a lot of horror and I do get scared easily plus my stomach doesn't digest easily.. I do love something like this every once in a while.Therefore I'm going to check some other books by the author, actually I just downloaded 2 of his books that are free on Amazon today.. Better start there :)
review 2: Two great short storiesThe Butcher: I really enjoyed it. I suspected what the outcome would be, but wasn't expecting what happened to lead to that end. Drop House: Another good story, again i had an idea of what was going on and was partially right. It ended a bit differently too and much better then what i was anticipating. Of the two short stories The Butcher was my favorite. Drop House wasn't bad, but not as good as The Butcher. less
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Two stories, The Butcher and Drop House. Well written and entertaining.
Two awesome, excellently gruesome stories!!!
2 great short stories.
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