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Naughty 2 (2009)

by Brenda Hampton(Favorite Author)
4.64 of 5 Votes: 3
1601621817 (ISBN13: 9781601621818)
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review 1: This book just like the last one, was great. I liked the first one more because it seems a lot more exciting but i think im just starting to get used to the characters now. I've gotten used to Jaylin and his selfish ways. One person i was really happy for in this book was Nokea, I'm happy to see that she was finally able to stray away from jayin and i hope Scorpio will get it through her head and do the same one day. Im still really exited about the series and cant wait start the next book and finish the series. I'm not too happy about Jaylin getting Daisha pregnant, maybe? but overall i enjoyed this book.Would I recommend:yes
review 2: Brenda Hampton is the best , the character Jaylin she has created and his cast are awesome. It's truly Jaylins world all thi
... mores VARIETY makes you wanna go through the pages and kill someone. I'm really wondering does a man like this truly exists? The young and restless don't have nothing on the way Breanda brings the sex , lies, infidelity menage trois and the drama. Brenda has you wanting more I can't wait to crack open book 3 and find out who else is about to enter Jaylin's world. If you not reading Brenda Hampton yet what are you wating for. Thanks Toni Doe less
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I love Brenda Hampton!!!! Your books go ham, keep doing what you are doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Final Rating 4 Stars - Great cliffhanger!!
I couldn't put this book down!!
This would make a good movie.
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