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Bachelor Undone (2011)

by Brenda Jackson(Favorite Author)
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0373862369 (ISBN13: 9780373862368)
Harlequin Kimani
Bachelors in Demand
review 1: I liked this story and it was a smoother read than the last book in the series. Brenda Jackson knows how to write the right words that will leave a person determined to finish a chapter before they do what they need to do. at least that is what happens to me. York and Darcy were meant to be together and their dislike towards each other was genuine but I also believe it was a smoke screen brewing for love at first sight and not so much lust like they all like to claim. loved it. now onto Bachelor Unclaimed :)
review 2: I am becoming disenchanted with one of my favorite authors. I love all of her series but this one did not come even close to the previous bachelor books. I am torn because honestly the last few books I've read by Jackson have left me wanting. H
... moreer books usually have a lot of fire and the characters are perfectly matched. The books steam in your hands. Unfortunately, Darcy and York didn't even seem to connect except in bed and even those scenes didn't have the same fire. I'm not going to comment on the storyline. Most romance premises have been used and abused so, being a romance reader, I just look for the subtle or glaring nuances to each book. Only there was no chemistry. York and Darcy could have been a one night stand. There was so much that could have been done with York's bruised ego over having been shut down by Darcy. There was not much angst which is prevalent for romance novels. After having waited a whole year for this book, I am sort let down.I will give BJ kudos. In the past I had commented on her over use of phrases such as "as well" and "to the ___ kind" and in this book I noted a notable absence or decrease. I maybe a little picky about that but I won't apologize. less
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Thought it would be more romance than smut, but it wasn't ...
Hot on the the beach is all I have to say!!
Loved it
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