Author: S.J. WATSON
Publication Date: 14/06/2011
Rating: 5/5

Before I Go To Sleep is a mystery-crime-thriller book. It is about a woman named Christine, she had an amnesia. Everyday she woke up in the morning with no memory of who she is and what she did. In order for her to remember things, she’s been writing everything down on her private journal. No one knows about the journal even her husband, except for the doctor who try to help her.

The journal helped her finds out the truth, the truth about Ben who pretended to be Christine’s actual husband and also the truth about what happened to Christine the night she lost her memories. It was so disturbing the moment I’ve found out what Ben did to Christine that made her had an amnesia. It was so brutal the way it was explained how he did it. I feel so bad for Christine, like she didn’t deserve it at all.

The book has been done excellently by the author, each chapter had me guessing about who is the actual bad guy in the whole story. At first I suspected Doctor Nash, I was just guessing maybe he did something towards Christine by injecting a liquid chemical on her that made her had an amnesia. And then in the middle of the story when it showed Ben slapped Christine after he told her about her private journal, I started to get a strong feeling that Ben isn’t the real Ben like he’s not her real husband then *BAM* I was right about it.

Ben is one hell of a psychopath. When the truth got unfold about him being so aggressive towards Christine and then being the one that caused her to lose her memories in the first place, I was so damn mad at him like I just want to punch him in the face. Yes he was all sweet towards Christine in the beginning, but hell no after he slapped her. How dare he told Christine that her son is dead while her son is still ALIVE.

But the ending was good, Christine finally got to reunite back with her husband and her son. It was so sad (for me at least) that in the last paragraph of the final chapter when she said “I love you” to her husband before she go to sleep knowing that the next day in the morning she wakes up, she won’t remember everything, it was just so sad. Plus, her journal was gone and she can’t write down about living back with her husband and her son.

I found this book so thrilling and I loved the whole storyline. It totally put me on edge. This isn’t like any other mystery-crime-thriller book that I’ve read so far, this is a psychological thriller that keep me guessing each chapter. I wasn’t disappointed by the reveal of who is the actual bad guy, because I had two suspects and I keep on telling myself that it was Doctor Nash until like in the middle of the story where I eliminated him and suspected Ben which turns out to be true. Totally an enjoyable book to read, if you like a mystery-crime-thriller type of book.


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