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Deadly Vows (2000)

by Brenda Joyce(Favorite Author)
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Francesca Cahill
review 1: Hurray, Francesca is back! In this long-anticipated 9th (and quite possibly the final) installment of the Deadly series, she finally is set to marry Calder Hart but unintentionally misses her wedding. While busy doing what she does best--sleuthing--Francesca tries to make up for hurting Hart and convince him to reconcile. It's a slow and frustrating process, mostly because Hart is angry over the jilt and stubbornly believes his half brother, Rick Bragg, is better suited for her. This slows their romance somewhat but they do share some rather romantic moments although these scenes are not very sensual and are way too brief. It's also wonderful to revisit a favorite cast of characters. We get to see what happens with Rick and Leigh Ann, and Evan and Maggie. However, I do fee... morel that the mystery solving was rushed at the ending and it wasn't very satisfying. But for me the mystery was a minor point; the main appeal was always Francesca and Hart. 4 stars.
review 2: First off I’m writing this review to spread the word about this Deadly Series – so it covers my thoughts on all 9 books. I owe my romance reading comeback to Brenda Joyce. I took a break from reading romance in the early 90’s for a few years. I picked up a Brenda Joyce novel in about 1995 and I’ve been on reading romance frenzy since. This Deadly series actually has everything that I hate in a romance novel – BUT IT WORKS SO WELL in these books. There is a love triangle (hate), misunderstanding between H/H (really hate) and TSTL Heroine (totally hate). Brenda Joyce has made it work so well, that I’ve read these books twice. The “who done it” in each book is actually a non event in my opinion. But I really didn’t read this series for the mystery. The characters are what brings readers back for each book. Francesca is an amateur private eye who’s always getting kidnapped, shot at and other dastardly stuff. She usually runs off on her own and is ether saved by Rick Bragg or his half brother Calder Hart. So much stuff happens through out this series that you just can’t wait to read the next book. In the first book you come to love police commissioner Rick Bragg – but wait until his brother, Calder Hart is introduced. Wow – hands down he is one of my FAVORITE heroes ever written. He’s so alpha, strong, damaged, sexy, hot, angry etc, etc……. I would read this series again and again just to read about Hart. If you are looking for something different in historical romance – I would take a look at this series. One word of caution – the first book is kind of frustrating and I almost didn’t pick up the second book. Someone is introduced at the end of the first book and it made me continue. So glad I did, because now I have a series that I will cherish and reread (and recommend to all of my reading friends). less
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I really enjoyed this series, but it feels like it's over with this book. Worth reading (in order).
So thrilled to see the end of the triangle. Wonder what Brenda Joyce has in mind for Rick ...
Miniseries: A Francesca Cahill NovelCategory: Historical Romance
I loved this book for 2 words...Calder Hart.
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