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Brain Jack (2009)

by Brian Falkner(Favorite Author)
3.88 of 5 Votes: 3
Walker Books
review 1: The book started off with a slightly comical prologue. The first chapter wasvery detailed and technical and you didn't really need to read it. From then on it was a genuine pleasure to read. Sam was the high school nerd with an equally nerdy best friend and just happens to be a genius with computer hacking. The only faults of the book were that Falkner sort of forgot sam's best friend as the book went on so the reader didn't feel connected to Sams best friend at all and the ending was very rushed but the rest of the book was a pleasure to read.
review 2: This is another great book by Brian Falkner. It has a better but more advanced plot than other books but besides that it is very well written.It has no graphic parts and is very clean and sticks to the plot of
... morethe story. Another thing is that it takes place in the future so many things might seem unreal and very strange to the reader. Besides that it an amazing book which has a life and death situation on every page. less
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really good and fast paced, I liked how this book gripped me the whole way through.
Really good and I like the title and the dedications
Horrible cover. Exciting book.
4.5 stars
real good
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