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The Vengekeep Prophecies (2012)

by Brian Farrey(Favorite Author)
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0062049283 (ISBN13: 9780062049285)
The Vengekeep Prophecies
review 1: The Grimjinx family is in really hot water this time, although they are not unduly worried since getting into trouble is par for the course. They are a close-knit clan of thieves and con men: Ma is a forger, Da is a master thief, sister Aubrin is a talented pickpocket. Jaxter, however, is clumsy and accident-prone and thievery is not his strong suit. He is much better with plant remedies and disabling magic with nonmagical means. But now the Grimjinxes have to fix a bad situation that they created through a false prophecy, because the town of Vengekeep is in mortal danger. It will be up to Jaxter and his new friend Callie to find a solution. This inventive and imaginative new juvenile fantasy has a strong plot and interesting characters to keep the pages turning. Fa... morerrey avoids being overly wordy and keeps the action just right for upper elementary readers. Brett Helquist's cover art is good as always but it is getting hard to tell juvenile fantasy titles apart because he is over-used. 4th-6th grades.
review 2: The Grimjinx family is in trouble. They are famous thieves that get away with stealing and conning the people of their village. All except Jaxter Grimjinx, who doesn't seem to have what it takes to be a good thief. He's better at using small magical plants and potions. His parents, little sister and Nannie (grandma) do most of the thieving work. Until one day .... the Grimjinxes go too far and become involved with a magical fate tapestry that threatens to destroy the entire village. Thinking that the village is cursed causes the High Lord of the land to quarantine them all. No one in the village goes out or comes in, but Jaxter Grimjinx may just have the "solution" to all their problems. Can he collect everything he needs, including items not found in the village? Read all about his adventures in this book - "The Vengekeep Prophecies". less
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I love thief stories and i absolutely fell in love with Jaxter the on thief that's not a thief. :D
Fun fantasy series: magic, likeable thieves, and adventure. What's not to like?
I need to read the second book.
Pleasantly surprised
Clever and fun.
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