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Bleed A River Deep (2009)

by Brian McGilloway(Favorite Author)
3.76 of 5 Votes: 5
0230701361 (ISBN13: 9780230701366)
Inspector Devlin
review 1: In this third Devlin mystery, McGilloway incorporates environmental issues, American foreign policy, human trafficking, local gang activity, and--of course--murder. He makes use of real issues affecting local people, making Devlin part of a living community. He becomes personally invested in the case of an illegal immigrant, literally bringing the problem into his own house, plus, one of the players in the murder case is a childhood friend. There's nothing extraordinary about Benedict Devlin, and that's part of his appeal. There's corruption at a gold mine, illegal diesel processing, attempted bribery, marital infidelity, and a dead colleague here, in a story that spans 9 October to 24 November, a pace that perhaps more realistically mirrors the progress of real detective ... morework.
review 2: Picked this one up at random in the Somerville Public Library, and I'm glad I did. It's really sort of a 3-1/2 star book. The whodunit element is not that strong, but two other elements are: the insight into social issues like human trafficking, and the character of Inspector Ben Devlin. He may be a cop, but he's just a regular guy with a wife, kids, and morals, trying to do what's right and sometimes making things worse in the process, but never quitting. less
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My favourite of the Ben Devlin novels, fast paced and interesting storyline.
and the characters develop a little more
Interesting series
Excellent read.
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