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Hurt (2013)

by Brian McGilloway(Favorite Author)
3.89 of 5 Votes: 1
1472111141 (ISBN13: 9781472111142)
DS Lucy Black
review 1: McGilloway takes on Internet luring in this second Lucy Black novel. A girl's body is found, which sets off an investigation that hinges on annual school photographs. It's a clever device because what parent wouldn't cringe at the thought? Along the way, Lucy struggles to deal with the death of a child from a previous case, plus she begins to get less prickly on the subject of her romantic relationships. She even makes some progress sorting out her attitudes about her parents. As she works her way to solving her case, some information comes into the hands of a would-be community organizer, doubling as a crime figure, and he uses it to settle a score. He gets away clean. For now.
review 2: This is Lucy Black #2, not #3, originally published in Britain with the t
... moreitle 'Hurt', and as sometimes happens, given a new name for the U.S. Market. It helps the understanding of this story to have read the first book in the series...although it is not completely necessary. I give the first half of the book 3 stars, and the second half 4 stars. Both of the Lucy Black books take time to build the story up, but once they get going they will hold you on to the finish! less
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this book was just as gripping as the last one! I love the twists in the story it leaves you hooked!
Brilliant read, just couldn't put it down, hope to read more with DS Lucy Black brilliant character.
3.75 stars
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