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The Doula (2012)

by bridget boland(Favorite Author)
3.25 of 5 Votes: 3
1451641516 (ISBN13: 9781451641516)
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review 1: I ended up being really disappointed with this novel. It started out so strongly and with such a lovely theme, but the character development really went south about halfway through and things just stopped making sense. There was too much reaching when it came to a romantic lead and while the plot was supposedly about how the protagonist evolved to make her career about life, rather than death (spoiler: she worked at a funeral home) her career was barely touched upon, and when it was it was in the most far-fetched ways possible. Boland was clearly using her experience as a lawyer and doula to reach for interesting plot twists but it would have been more interesting if she'd just focused on the subject, and title, of the novel, rather than introducing bizarre and nonsensical... more sub-plots and then explaining them away with a wave of her hand. (Another spoiler: Someone kidnapped a baby. THEY KIDNAPPED A BABY! And there was ONE PARAGRAPH devoted to both the kidnapping and the child's return. WHAT?!?!) I had high hopes, and they were horrifically dashed.
review 2: The title is a bit misleading because this book barely skims the surface of the art and practice of a doula. Disappointing because I wanted to know more about the training and practice of a doula since my daughter Laura will be using one for the upcoming birth of her baby. The story of Caro veers from really depressing to strangely confounding. How someone so seemingly independent could also be so weak is perplexing. less
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Very touching...especially as a mother and a daughter
Good book. It starts a little slow but good read.
Unfortunately, I just didn't like this book.
good book
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