Review: The Dark Knight Master Race 3


When it was announce that Frank Miller was back with a Batman story I was skeptical because I was not a fan of All Star Batman and Robin, and The Dark Knight Strikes Again. What made me read and pick up this by issues was Brian Azzarello (Joker and 100 Bullets) storytelling and Andy Kubert’s illustration (Batman and Son) I knew The Dark Knight Master Race had a chance to be a classic Batman else world story.


If anyone is unsure about about picking up The Dark Knight Master Race when it’s release for graphic novel I will tell you right now it is worth picking up. The Dark Knight Master Race has a lot of heart just like TDKR. Brian Azzarello writes these characters the way we read them in TDKR. Andy Kubert does a great job illustrating the Frank Miller’s TDKR illustration style and format the way it’s meant to be. Without giving any spoilers  TDK Master Race is  a sequel to The Dark Knight Strikes Again, however the story and the art is much better and easy to follow. When I write reviews I don’t like spoiling things for people, but TDK Master Races feels more centered around Superman and his world, because of who the major villain is in the story.


TDK Master Race  focus on multiple characters, and it is not an ending to Frank Miller’s Batman universe. The Dark Knight Master Race is  introducing comic book readers to Frank Miller’s own DCU to comic book readers. Readers will know what I am talking about after reading The Dark Knight Master Race story.




OVERALL:  The Dark Knight Master Race is a great else world story and should get an Absolute from DC Comics some day.

Score: 9/10

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