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Turn It Loose (2013)

by Britni Danielle(Favorite Author)
3.38 of 5 Votes: 5
Britni Danielle
review 1: Turn It Loose is the story of Jaylah Baldwin, a 28 year-old who finds herself unemployed and in need of a change. After watching Bridget Jones' Diary, Jaylah decides to move to London for a fresh start. London seems to be the best move for her because her life takes a turn that she never expects. Turn It Loose was predictable. It sparked just enough interest for me to want to know how Jaylah's story turns out in the next book, Two Steps Back. I didn't feel attached or engrossed in the story. There was something missing where I didn't feel fully connected.
review 2: Turn It Loose is a great novella. I finished reading it in one day and loved every bit of it because the story line flowed so well and had me anticipating what was going to happen next. It kept me wa
... morenting more.I was also able to relate to Jaylah's (the main character) situation so it was cool to see how a fictional character dealt with challenges that I'm currently facing. I'd recommend Turn It Loose to friends and family, especially for something to read on a vacation, or something of that nature. less
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Quick read. Not bad. A little bit predictable. I found myself skipping pages to jump ahead a bit.
Started off slow, but picked up speed in the middle. Interested to see what happens next.
Very good book, only problem is how it ends
Can't wait for part deux!
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