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Cover Girl (2011)

by Brittani Williams(Favorite Author)
3.78 of 5 Votes: 2
1601625022 (ISBN13: 9781601625021)
Urban Books
review 1: The streets are friends with nobody.......Meet Brooklyn a pretty confident young girl and she knows it has dreams of making it big as a model despite her home front.With a mom that is nothing but a drunk,she has to do what she gotta to for her two younger brothers.When she meets Sincere,she thought she met the one for life but clearly was wrong.What do a young girl do who has lost her way? Who do she turn to once all her friends have turned they back on her? With a mind blowing revelation will she finnaly be able to turn her life around???This was a very good book kept my attention from beginning to the end.It has a good story line and plot but at the middle towards the end it just felt rushed and Leave you with some questions.None the less I still liked it tho.A part two ... moreis not needed.
review 2: Brooklyn Johnson a lost soul and victim of bad circumstances High school dropout at 16 turned model; she fells in love with the neighborhood drug dealer named Sincere who turns out to be her biggest downfalls and the start of a destructive life doing their 2yrs relationship Brooklyn experiences abuse-rape daily after becoming pregnant Brooklyn learns that Sincere has been cheating on her with a childhood friend so Brook decides to move on but her next two relationships aren't much better ending up with 3 children that her alcoholic mother is forced to take care of Brooklyn's addiction it isn't until she loses one of her best friend then Brooklyn she realizes how voluble the people in her life are I'm not revealing anymore details ALL I can say is that everyone deserves a second chances at a better life.- Cover Girl reminded me Dopefiend by JaQuavis so much that I almost put it down but I'm glad I didn't because it was a good read. less
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This book was really all over the place at times. Besides that, overall it was a good read.
A quick-easy read, entertaining and overflowing with melodrama.
it was ok story the plot went kind of fast
I had a hard time putting this book down!
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