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Ewiglich Die Sehnsucht (2012)

by Brodi Ashton(Favorite Author)
3.8 of 5 Votes: 1
3789130400 (ISBN13: 9783789130403)
review 1: Any book where you can't decide which boy is supposed to be the dud, isn't very promising. The whole time I'm thinking, 'am I supposed to hate Cole and like Jack or what?' Cole didn't have any negative characteristics other than the fact that he has to feed on people to survive. I get that it's not the ideal existence, but that's literally the only thing she's hating him for. Jack, is like a sweet puppy, but you're still not 100% sure why she loves him so much. The story felt a little forced the entire time, but it's a good read if you just want a mindless read.
review 2: This had the makings for something great, but only delivered its own unfulfilled potential.The author chose the Persephone myth to seed her idea. She created a new realm and new creatures to i
... morenhabit it, complete with a secret society and dire consequences. Thus ending my positive comments...This was formulaic in a way which should insult a teen reader. The assumption being that love stories don't need to inspire love, or that myth requires no additional back story - no depth.Pretty Girl (Nikki) gets the Quarterback (Jack), but doesn't think she's worthy. Enter the new Dark Horse (Cole). Pretty Girl gives into poor self-image and Dark Horse escorts her to the Underworld (here called the Everneath). You're thinking, "there's potential here."Cole is an Everliving. He will slowly drain Nikki over 100 years (6 months topside) of her soul, at which point she will linger in the Tunnels of the Everneath and die. Only she doesn't age. She remembers Jack, even after 100 years, and earns a 6 month pass to the surface. She comes home where everyone assumed she was off doing drugs. - Not kidding, no police were involved. - She doesn't remember her best friend and her dad is having her meet with a counselor and pee in a cup. That's the extent of it.Then she sees Jack, and remembers her reason for surviving is their intense feelings for one another (which felt contrived and very lukewarm to me).Cole is back too. He believes she survived because she is a Daughter of Persephone, and meant to rule. He also tells her he hoped this was so, and indicates he has feelings for her too. He says they are meant to rule together. I know what you're thinking. Love Triangle! Not really. She only has eyes for Jack.We do find out why she went with Cole in a frustrating, meandering timeline. We hear a little, but only a little about this "Daughters of Persephone" group. It's just not enough. There wasn't enough substance in the first book to support a trilogy, and yet this author was determined to eek out sequels.If only the story in the first book had been good enough to merit my reading them. less
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J'ai entendu énormément d'avis positifs sur ce premier tome. J'étais moi même très intriguée, séduite par une très jolie couverture et une 4e assez prometteuse! J'ai donc profité du challenge #bootofbooks qui se déroulait sur twitter cet été pour le sortir de ma PAL.Nous sommes plongés dans la vie de Nikkie, une jeune femme de 18 ans, qui revient sur terre après avoir disparu pendant... une centaine d'années! Sauf que sur Terre, cela équivaut à un an. PEndant son absence, Nikkie était en compagnie de Cole.. en Enfernité. Elle a du le suivre suite à un choix qu'elle s'est vue imposer et a décidé de l'accompagner pour fuir une situation qu'elle n'a pas supporté sur Terre. Aujourd'hui, elle a de nouveau un choix à faire : rester sur Terre en espérant reconquérir son premier amour Jack, ou bien suivre Cole pour toujours dans les mondes sous terrains.J'ai lu ce livre il y a à peu près trois semaines... Je n'ai pas du tout accroché, j'ai été très déçue et je me suis ennuyée. J'ai trouvé qu'il manquait d'élements pour mieux m'imprégner de l'ambiance et de l'univers. Je me rends compte que très rapidement j'ai oublié le nom des personnages... Je ne les ai pas trouvé très travaillés. La fin était à prévoir, mais je comprends aussi la réaction des lecteurs en la qualifiant de cliffhanger!Cela dit, cette histoire plaira aux amateurs de mythologies puiqu'ici, l'auteure s'est inspirée de l'histoire d'Orphée et Eurydice. Amour eternel, rien ne viendra s'interposer entre deux amants passionnés.... Mais la magie n'a pas pris chez moi.Cet avis sera donc très court et je l'avoue peu constructif puisque j'ai mis ce livre très rapidement dans la case "à oublier".Cependant, n'hésitez pas à le lire pour avoir votre propre avis puisqu'il a séduit beaucoup de lecteurs/lectrices. Seul bémol, Milan Macadam ont cessé de le publier et il n'y a donc que 2 tomes parus en VF au lieu de 3...
If you are a mythology geek and love romance novels this book will suck you in. I know this may be a short review please do not hate or judge. This is a major love story that tells a tale of Greek and other mythology. I don't know what all Brodi mixed in besides Egyptian and Greek mythology. This is a tale that will for sure suck you in. I personally couldn't put it down. The main character, Nikki Beckett, goes through lots of doubt, uncertainty, hurt, pain, and love. Her biggest mistake I must tell you was going to Cole the moment her boyfriend, Jack, hurt her. She felt she had no one left. Now, I will not explain myself you must read the book to understand these terms. She felt she had no one left and wanted Cole to suck the pain away. She went to Everneath with him and he fed off her soul for one hundred years. What kept her from aging was the fact that she would not forget Jack no matter what. So, Cole not knowing asked her to be his queen. Instead she returned to the Surface for six months to say her goodbyes before the Tunnels come for her. Cole has those six months to convince her to be his Queen. While Returning she struggles through more hurt, hate, Feeding, love , and desperation. I must say this will suck you in. It will keep you on the edge of your seat. This wonderful book will make you love, hate, and despise some characters. Honestly I think Cole is the creepiest ever living stalker ever, I hated him. Also at multiple points in time I wanted to punch multiple characters in the face. Hope you enjoyed, and thanks for your time.
started off as a bit unclear but as the story developed the story gain strength and clarity
It's an interesting retelling of a myth. I can't wait to see how it ends!
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