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Ewiglich Die Hoffnung (2012)

by Brodi Ashton(Favorite Author)
4.12 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: Myth time: We all know Persephone´s story for it´s one of the best known myths of all well known myths. Persephone (sweet, beloved, popular girl on Mount Olympus) disappears on her mum Demeter and her dad Zeus, which is kind of shocking. So Demeter starts roaming the earth in search for her daughter, getting so sad trees would loose their leaves and flowers would actually die out of pity. When Zeus & Co find out where she is, it´s a big surprise: Hades has taken her to the Underworld and made her his queen. We know a lot about those things. But did anyone ever bother asking about Hades´ motives? Why did he abduct the lovely goddess? Being cynical, I´d say to annoy Zeus, his little brother who always seems to get what he wants. Being practical I´d say to give the Unde... morerworld a queen. Being helplessly romantic I´d say out of love. Thinking about the 2nd installment of the Everneath series and the fact that Cole makes a pretty good Hades, I´d say his motives are a mixture of all mentioned reasons and then some more. So, about the book we learn some new things. First of all, we finally get to know the Everneath better. After one book full of references and stories about the famously infamous Underworld I was glad to learn something about it. I´ve always liked character testing odysseys and this one´s no exception. The idea of those three rings testing an intruder´s strength and faith is old, but good and kept the story fast paced down there. Also, Pirates of the Caribbean was greeting through Nikki´s tether, which is basically the same as Jack Sparrow´s magical compass. I´d be so rich if I had this thing. I did like the plot a lot, because there is more action, more tempo and excitement than in the 1st installment. Instead of focusing on the emotional part only there is room for thrill, too. But the thing that took my breath away was the emotional roller coaster I found myself on, caused only by the characters, especially Cole. At first I was afraid Nikki had turned into a whiny, annoying girl, blaming herself too much and not enough at the same time. After all, going with Cole was her own decision and while she remembered that in the first book very well, she tends to forget it in Everbound. To me it always seemed kind of unfair to hold him alone responsible for „ruining her life“. I feared for nothing though, because soon old „let´s do this“ Nikki was back. Also, I totally understood she´d do anything to save Jack, but I couldn´t help but think hurting Cole constantly in the process wasn´t that thrilling. The whole time I found myself changing my opinion over and over again. Like Cole, don´t like him. Every time Cole did something heroic, something good I started rooting for him, thinking everyone does him wrong. After all he clearly loves Nikki. As soon as I made up my mind about them, there came a flashback along the way with one extraordinarily sweet scene about Nikki and Jack, reminding me that Jack truly is worth the whole trouble. Those flashbacks brought him back into the story (since he is quite off stage all the time) whenever Cole was about the take over. So the whole mind game started all over again. Cole is Hades at his finest. Every story needs the snarky, smart, dark and shady guy. Cole lives up to all of these expectations, but manages to be more likable, more compassionate. I did like him better. I felt sorry for him. I felt even more sorry for Jack and felt guilty with Nikki and loved the book because of it. For clinging to every page, every sentence, wondering who´s the bad guy and who´ll survive this fiasco. After I´d built my wonderful connection with the book the ending came and well. It was like standing in front of a speeding car, watching the headlights coming nearer and nearer, meeting the driver´s gaze and knowing, he´s thinking the same thing as you do: you can´t avoid this. Every sentence Cole says at the end, every word coming out his mouth is like the car approaching and when it finally hits, when the collision takes your breath away, it all ends. What´s left is me staring. Wondering. Who´ll survive the crash?
review 2: This book was filled with more adventures and plot twists that I have ever expected! At first the few chapters were kinda slow but it quickly picked up as soon as she found Cole or in other words Cole found her. I love that Nikki would do anything to get Jack back, it shows her loyalty and love to him even if she has some bond and connection with Cole. The mythology that this book contains makes me love it even more, especially all the connections that it has with everything that is happening with Nikki, Jack and Cole. There were so many things that happened in the book that I never expected it and I kept asking myself how did the author ever think of this? I was team Cole from the very beginning, I have thing for bad boys but what Cole did broke my heart, he betrayed me in a way, because for once I thought he could change, that he had good intentions but in the end he left me disappointed, I din't think he was capable of doing what he did. In overall I love the book, it was amazing, everything was so vivid especially the description of the tunnels and it made me shiver every single time I imagined that place. less
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I found this book difficult to get into. The first book is a lot better, I believe because it was a unique concept and you really had no clue what was going to happen. This book was mainly all about getting to the Everneath and the trials through it. I found it a bit boring and the only part of the book I really enjoyed was the last 4 chapters or so. I'm still curious on how this series ends, although I am not sure what I'm expecting. I had a lot of mixed feelings about who I wanted Nikki to end up with, mainly because Jack was pretty non existent except for a few memories. I really liked Cole throughout, I thought he was redeeming himself, now I hate him more than ever. The ending was pretty shocking as I was not expecting the turn the book took. The turn was the only thing that really kept me invested. I still don't mind Nikki, although I didn't like her as much this time. Really hoping it turns around in the third.
I was surprised by some of the extremely positive reviews for this series.I did enjoy the books. I read all three in about two days. They weren't very long. The plot of the Everneath series is really what makes it worth reading. Great concept, poor execution. Ashton's writing left a lot to be desired. Some books leave you with an attachment to the characters and their world, I dare say that these books will leave me...well, just as I was when I started reading them. If you're looking for a modern spinoff of the Greek Myths (which I was when I found the series) then go ahead and give this series a read. The first book was by far the best. Like I said, interesting plot. Elementary writing style.
Well, isn't Cole a little shit.
I liked it but not the end.
so so so good!
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