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What Makes Olga Run?: The Mystery Of The Ninety-Something Track Star Who Is Smashing Records And Outpacing Time, And What She Can Teach Us About How To Live (2014)

by Bruce Grierson(Favorite Author)
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0805097201 (ISBN13: 9780805097207)
Henry Holt and Co.
review 1: Earlier this year, 95-year-old Olga Kotelko died. But before she did she set track records that will likely stand the test of time—mainly because she set them in her 90s! In his fascinating book, Bruce Grierson uses Olga as an example of exceptional, productive aging and sets out to learn what lessons she can teach us. He and Olga visit research labs and undergo a multitude of tests to determine whether the diminutive athlete has a secret formula. In doing so Grierson discovers that genetics only count for 25 per cent of life's outcome, the remaining 75 per cent is what people do with the genetics they've been dealt with. He learns that sitting is the enemy of good health. Moving, any kind, is good. Spread the activity around. Olga entered 11 events so she didn't place u... morendue strain on one part of her body. Attitude and personality are factors, but even they are influenced by genetics. One of the most enjoyable parts of the book is when Grierson joins Olga at a master's track meet (at 45 he qualifies). He enters the 10 k run and while posting a very respectable 45 minute time he is second last. When he nearly keels over at the finish, he's comforted by his new 90-something friends. Grierson also notes that longevity is linked to camaraderie, something these 'super seniors' have in spades. As they bid each other farewell at the end of the meet, one competitor says to another "See you in two years. If you don't hear from me it means I died."
review 2: I really enjoyed this exploration of the life and accomplishments of a woman and athlete who has captured my imagination. The scientific examination of the reasons behind her longevity was quite fascinating and I really enjoyed the relationship built between Olga and the author ... she seems to have been an extraordinary human being. All of us have a vested interest in learning how to make the most of our golden years in the most healthy and active way ... now, where are my running shoes?? less
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She gives me hope although I draw the line at pickled herring.
I love this book. Very inspirational. Easy enjoyable reading.
Fascinating. And can't wait to be a masters track athlete :)
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