I Used To Be A General In The Roman Legion?

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Dream 1

This dream took place during the night or early in the morning when it was still dark, and I walked outside the back door of my parent’s house as a school bus with kids stopped in the alley to pick up some kids for school I assume.

I ran to the storage building on the right side and I went inside and I turned on the light to maybe look for something and / or to wait for the school bus to leave, the storage building was bigger, and I remember thinking that the students and the bus driver probably thought that I was crazy or something because of how I ran to the storage building.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream is confusing and unclear but some of it involved driving around in maybe buses et cetera in a slightly fictional version of the city of D and maybe some other places, and there was fighting that happened between several groups and I got caught up in it accidentally when a man with light-color skin with partly dyed yellow hair slicked back wearing a maybe European sweater driving a car attacked me by mistake.

I hurt him a bit during our fight but he realized his mistake, and I offered to help him by inviting him to temporarily stay at my family’s house.

My family’s house was where The G House should be and all of my family was there, we saw to the man’s injuries, and he told me that he was an agent for either the Italian government and / or The Vatican (Holy See) who was sent on a mission that possibly involved something that they were going to make illegal or already had but I can not remember the details.

There were some people he was after during the fighting, I possibly fought them too when I accidentally got catch in the fighting, and they possibly seemed mafia-like and they had guns.

He explained more but I can not remember the details, I also sensed that he possibly knew some things about me and / or was good at figuring out things and getting people to tell him things, and so I did not trust him completely and I wondered if he was really after me or if I was one of several people he was after.

I had hurt him during our fight and I felt responsible for some reason so I was going to help him temporarily since he needed somewhere to hide and heal, but I was going to keep a close eye on him and keep my guard up to protect my family and myself.

The man went to take a shower in a bathroom that was connected to the living room, and my brother CC talked to me in the living room about how he did not trust the man and he did not think that letting him stay here temporarily was a good idea.

I agreed with my brother CC but I felt responsible and that I had to help him temporarily, and so I told him that we would stay alert and be ready to kick him out or defend our family and ourselves if necessary.

The man possibly heard us from the bathroom but I am not sure, I just remember him walking into the living room at the end of our conversation as we were still talking, and the yellow hair dye had washed out so his hair was its darker color now.

At some point I started asking him about his combat training, he had striking and grappling defense training but not much if any grappling training, and I was curious if he could defeat me in a fight.

I was very confident that I would win, our previous fight was cut short because he realized his mistake, but I had hurt him in that fight which possibly took place partly inside and outside his car.

I was so confident that it felt almost like a lucid dream level of confidence, but I tried to avoid being too overconfident.

I told him that I hoped that we could have a sparring match eventually to see who would win, but I woke up.

Dream 3

This dream took place inside a fictional nice modern white-to-gray carpeted house where I lived with most of my family, it had a pretty open design, and it was connected to our old house that you could access by going through at least one door.

I can not remember what I was doing but I know that I saw and spoke with some of my family, I probably went to the kitchen, and then I went into the old part of the house into what I recognized as our old kitchen.

The kitchen was actually my deceased grandfather IC’s kitchen in his house back when he was alive and I was a kid, but in the dream I somehow recognized it as our old kitchen.

Walking into this old kitchen was like walking back in time, various feelings and memories came back to me as I started to recognize things, and it brought some happiness and wonder to me as I looked around amazed how things looked exactly how I remembered them from back then.

The next part is confusing and it possibly another dream, but I will assume that it is part of the same dream.

Somehow I now seemed to be back in the time period of ancient Rome and I am in my village that was conquered by Rome but I am still in the kitchen oddly, I was probably forced to join the Roman Legion back when my village was conquered, and once during my time in the Roman Legion I was in a great battle that we were losing and Julius Caesar was leading the battle and he saw that I was a good soldier and I gave him a strategy to win the battle that worked so he immediately made me a general in the Roman Legion on that day.

Now I was possibly retired or inactive in the Roman Legion after serving my time maybe, but I can not remember.

I was still in the kitchen enjoying the feelings and memories of getting to see the old kitchen again in its original state, but then I heard Roman soldiers inside the new part of the house harassing my family.

For some reason Roman soldiers were going through the village aggressively and harassing people like they were looking for someone or something, and for some reason no one on guard duty warned of their arrival.

I grabbed my gladius and I walked to the new part of the house to let the soldiers know that I was a general in the Roman Legion and for them to stop harassing my family, and to have them explain what they were doing to our village.

I can not remember if the new part of the house still looked modern or not, I just remember seeing a woman with light-color skin with long orange / yellow hair wearing a maybe light-blue old-style dress who was possibly my wife or another family member who was being harassed by the Roman soldiers.

I told the soldiers to let her go and leave my family alone and I let them know who I was, they did not believe me, and so I had to grab my shield that was mounted on a wall and I drew my gladius after warning them and explaining myself again.

I told them to follow me to the kitchen where I had some more proof that I was a general, as I showed them the proof I explained my story and how I became a general, and I told them about how Julius Caesar made me a general after my strategy saved us from losing that battle.

After that I was known as a good soldier and a good strategist who did well during my time in the Roman Legion, the soldiers started to calm down as they started to believe me, and so I put my gladius in its sheath.

My armor was in another room and the rest of my equipment, the soldiers apologized now that they knew who I was, and they had heard stories about me.

I led them to another room so that I could get my armor and the rest of my equipment so that they could take me to their commanding officer so that I could figure out was going on and deal with this harassment of my village because we were already conquered by Rome and we seemed to be a peaceful village, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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