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Finding Reason (2009)

by Bryce Anderson(Favorite Author)
4.44 of 5 Votes: 3
0979621178 (ISBN13: 9780979621178)
Ridan Publishing
review 1: This is really quite a success story for Bryce in that he started with a few hand assembled copies. I originally read this when it was a self pubbed book titled "Body of Knowledge". I like the new title better.It is not the type of book I gravitate toward when I choose my reading and I actually thought, based on the title (Body of Knowledge) that it would be something similar to Natalie Angier's "The Canon" which was awe inspiring.I've done a sort of speed reading of "Finding Reason" and it seems like a better version (than Body of Knowledge) to get hold of. And you should. It is a nicely assembled story that is inspiring in its own way.You can get more reviews about this book, along with my own, by checking out "Body of Knowledge". It is basically the same book, this one'... mores just...tidier.
review 2: It was destiny, predetermined, it was in someones future that they could not yet recall yet, that this book was brought to me. It kept showing up all over on my recommendations, I finally marked "to read" and BAM! email from the author. Since then, I have been able to get to know the author from a distance, I have helped broaden his reader base, and I have been enlightened from a small book. This book is VERY thought provoking. It is a book you won't put down. Both my husband and I read it in two sittings. And it has spawned many conversations in my house already. It has also enhanced my prayer life by drastically altering my conversation topics with God. I have even felt like going out and buying a patch for my right eye and start collecting wood. It is inspiring to the mind. Get this book, read it and spread it. I love it that it is already on the best books of all time list here. I believe that this book will continue to blossom with time. Thank you Bryce for reaching out to your readers. Giving us all a bit of insight into you and sharing your wonderfully made mind with all of us less
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Not what I was expecting....it was refreshing to read a book so unpredictable.
This book made me think and also entertained me. Definitely a good read!
The book formerly known as Body of Knowledge...
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