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I Bring The Fire: Part I Wolves (2000)

by C. Gockel(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 2
I Bring the Fire
review 1: I'll start with the negatives --- pacing and a cliffhanger. For some reason, even though I really liked the characters and loved the unique mythology, this book was very put-downable. I think it was the flashbacks. As for the cliffhanger --- it wasn't really terrible; more like the author stuck the beginning of the next book on the end of this one. But it did make the novel feel a bit incomplete.On the other hand, I really enjoyed how different this book was anything else I've read lately. It's based on Norse mythology, which isn't a very common subject in modern literature, and I adored the trickster not-really-god. And, at 99 cents, I think I'll even move on to the sequel (rare for me!).
review 2: The epitome of rooting for the bad guy. At least the bad
... more guy the way Hollywood and Marvel want you to see Loki. Here, not so bad. This novel pulls together several genres from Fantasy to Action and Suspense and it makes it all work seamlessly.An excellent new take on the Loki myth bringing the storied jokester into present day. It also finds time to take a few shots at the "movie version" of Loki, Thor, and the other Asgardians. A fun cast of characters from the mysterious grandmother who seems to know Norse mythology personally to a thuggish Thor and a kinder, gentler Loki. I can't wait to see what is in store for this group as the story progresses. less
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so, she gets annoyed when he takes the money, even though she SAID take it all? Go figure
One of those books that you dont want to put down and very comical
Just not into the fantasy genre.
very cute. A fun read.
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