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Queen Of The Dark Things (2014)

by C. Robert Cargill(Favorite Author)
3.89 of 5 Votes: 5
0062190474 (ISBN13: 9780062190475)
Harper Voyager
Dreams & Shadows
review 1: This is the sequel to Dreams and Shadows. I was drawn into that book, but I was taken back a bit by the brutal imagery that book contained at times. The sequel retains the ominous tone, but rarely takes it to the same ruthless places. I enjoyed this one just as much as the first, but for different reasons. I'm very much looking forward it the next (final?) novel in the series. If fairies, demons, and mythology are your thing, this series is for you.
review 2: Queen Of The Dark ThingsByC. Robert CargillMy " in a nutshell" summary...Colby is good...Gossamer is good...hmmm...Austin might be ok but every one else...pretty much is not so good...and creepy scary, too.My thoughts after reading this book...This book is so complicated...there is dark stuff, and dem
... moreons and talking dogs, and pretty little girls, and pretty little dead girls...this book was good but...again...complicated! Colby is a wizard but he has lost his best friend. He wanted to remain a wizard underground but his good deeds become known and his life becomes hellish...in the worst way. Basically he has to get a ring back from the little girl who has become...the Queen Of The Dark Things. What I loved about this book...This book has these characters totally immersed in dream worlds and the underworld. The story is told by different characters...we see Colby when he is both young and the age he is now. The character who was the most meaningful to me was Colby's talking dog...Gossamer. Austin was fun, too. She might potentially be a demon of interest to Colby someday?Final thoughts...This was a mildly fun book to read but one horrible book to describe. Pirates, creatures, hands getting cut off...are all ordinary stuff for these characters. The story was adventurous, involved and complicated! There was a first book before this one...I did not realize this...and I probably should have read it...Sent from my iPad2 by Patty L. Magyar less
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Fairies & Dreams - make for a intriguing saga. Has a very visual feel.
I was just...unimpressed.
3.5 stars
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