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Sin Titulo (2013)

by Cameron Stewart(Favorite Author)
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Dark Horse Comics
review 1: I really enjoyed the existential/surrealist realm that this book gets into. Although the story-telling is slightly confusing, it carries the Magritte-esque surrealism quite well. The pacing of the story is near-perfect, although I feel it could be expanded a bit to allow for more room in the scenes, instead of such quick changes. None the less, the panelling is stunning, and there is most definitely a story to be told that left me very satisfied.
review 2: The highlights here are the three-color art, the way Stewart keeps readers off-balance through the disturbing exposition that unravels in the first two-thirds of the story, and the noir sensibility that ratchets up the tension. Alex, the main character, shifts through timelines and realities in search of a my
... moresterious woman who posed for a photo with his now-deceased grandfather. Stewart creates a mystery in part because, for most of the story, the reader doesn't really know for sure what's going on. Stewart's juggling a fair amount of plot, characterization, and timeline, and (inevitably?) the balls start to wobble in the air.Quite simply, the pay-off doesn't satisfy. In fact, I'm not even certain there is a pay-off. A minor character explains at length the workings of the world, and from there the story plunges toward a trite non-resolution. It's as though Stewart himself grew tired of trying to fit the pieces of the puzzle together. The story concludes, but it doesn't satisfy, and that's a serious flaw after promising so much. 2.5 stars, but rounded down for selling the reader out after a significant investment. less
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Deliciously surreal and beautifully paced. Worthy of a David Lynch adaptation. Yes it's that good.
Fantastic. Superduper art, great story told very, very well. Creepy and twisty and just... great.
Frickin' *****MIND-BLOWN!*****Wow!
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