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Batgirl (2011-) #35 (2000)

by Cameron Stewart(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 2
DC Comics
The New 52 Batgirl
review 1: Overall this was a pretty good issue. However since this is the first issue of Batgirl after Gail Simone's run there are some differences to get used to. First off the pros. Barbara's photographic memory was talked about and brought up in her previous run but here in this issue it's actually shown to the reader in a way that helps you to better appreciate how her mind works. I was iffy on the new art style at first but after seeing it in a full issue it's really very nice and I can see myself growing to like it.That being said what are the cons? Some of Barbara's words and actions in this issue aren't... well, Barbara. At least not the one fans have grown used to seeing. There were pages in the issue where I couldn't help but think "wow that doesn't seem like her." It wasn... more't an overpowering feeling but it did detract a bit from my enjoyment of the story. Granted with a new team there are going to be differences, but while the slight shift in her personality wasn't something I would label as bad or terrible it just seemed... off. It didn't flow with the image I have of Barbara Gordon and it was a distraction.Right at the beginning we see that Barbara and her roommate had a party at the new apartment and apparently Barabra was making out with a guy who ended up sleeping over on the couch. Granted Barbara is young, in college and many college kids drink (a lot) it still threw me off. Maybe it's just my perception but Barbara doesn't strike me as the type of person really party much. Of course that was in previous issues where she came off as more reserved and private all the time. The suggestion that she would make out with some guy she doesn't know or doesn't know very well threw me off quite a bit. It's especially weird to see after having read the earlier issues Batgirl and seeing Barbara with her boyfriend. However like I said at the beginning, overall I did enjoy this issue. I'm not quite ready to throw all my affections behind it but it has promise and I will give it a chance and see what happens in further issues. I can only hope others do the same.
review 2: After all what happened to Barbara in the NEW 52, this "new" series by Babs Tarr makes no sense at all, especially after reading Batgirl: Future's End. I know this series goes before Future's End events but, here, Barbara Gordon is absolutely different than the way she was before (#1-34). I would think in the Batgirl new comics as a completely different story about her (in some way, it is), not as a continuation to the events of the previous issues.However, I did enjoy the reading but, obviously, it's not the same. less
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Batgirl moves to Brooklyn (Burnside) to be a grad student. Somehow I identify with this!
Slow to start, but picking up speed now. I'm so eager to see more.
I'm going to enjoy this.
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