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Batgirl #35 (2014)

by Cameron Stewart(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 1
DC Comics
The New 52 Batgirl
review 1: So I'm still sour over the New 52, but I was at the comic store buying gifts when I spotted Batgirl doing a selfie and something inside me just said, "Give it another shot." I was pretty annoyed by how the New 52 handled Oracle/Batgirl, but it's been years and I think I'm at the point now where I can accept that this is a new universe and new rules and change isn't a bad thing. Besides, a younger, fresher take on Batgirl is a nice antidote to all the excessive brooding elsewhere in the DC universe.Or so I thought.Right off the bat (hurr), it's clear this is going for a teenage girl audience. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing but it felt so...forced. A lot of the attempts at relating to a younger crowd came off as "hip dad" (e.g., people using hashtags in actual conversat... moreions). Maybe I'm just old and bitter, but Babs partying all night and using text lingo just feels "off" on a fundamental level. A good chunk of her appeal comes from her bookish personality, which seems to have been all but dropped here. I found myself wondering at several points if this really IS Babs, or if it's another character altogether. Maybe it is, and I just need to accept that and move on. On the plus side, the art is fantastic. It's colorful, unique, and really pops off the page. The cover caught my attention amidst dozens of other series, which is any cover's goal. One thing I can say is that if this is successful, I can't begrudge it because I'd certainly rather see more girl-oriented series. But as far as this one goes? Not for me, I guess.
review 2: (1.5 stars)A very awkward read. Probably one of the most blatant examples of pandering. It panders to girls and the lgbtq crowd especially. Everything feels forced.The plot is packed with way too much information for one issue. The pacing feels too fast for any of the story progression to sink in properly. The dialogue is cringe-worthy in its attempt to be hip, going as far as including hash tags in the spoken dialogue. Batgirl doesn't undergo any inner conflict and thus does not develop as a character. The comic reeks of "trying too hard".The art is splendid but it can be hard to read the action sequences because they pack so much in one space. It's part of the fast pacing issue.Overall, whether you're a newcomer to Batgirl or have been reading from issues #1-#34, you won't find much good here. less
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La semejanza con Hawkeye Kate es demasiado evidente pero el resultado no es malo.
SO. GOOD. My only complaint is that it wasn't longer. Can't wait to read #36.
A cool new arc for Batgirl new costume included.
I don't know how to feel about this.
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