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Oh, No! (2012)

by Candace Fleming(Favorite Author)
3.95 of 5 Votes: 1
0375945571 (ISBN13: 9780375945571)
Schwartz & Wade
review 1: Between the catchy rhymes and great illustrations, this book will capture anyone's imagination. Candace brings to life the sounds of a variety of animals as they embark on a journey to escape a tiger together. Funny, catchy, and enticing, you will be wanting more. The illustrations are brilliant and extremely captivating. Eric helps bring to life the characters as Candace gives them voices. Great book to read for fun and also easy for teachers to turn into a lesson!
review 2: When a frog falls in a deep, deep hole, who can help him out? Will it be a mouse? Will it be a loris? Will it be a sun bear? Will it be a monkey? While all of those helpful animals try and help the unlucky frog, the reader will see that a hungry tiger is lurking nearby. “OH, NO!” say t
... morehe animals. Who can rescue them now and give the tiger what he deserves? Fleming’s story is great fun for young children who will enjoy the word choice, pacing and repetition – especially the refrain of “Oh, No!” voiced by the animals 8 times well-spaced throughout the story. Rohmann’s pictures are a good match for the story. The animals are realistic to a great degree but cartoonish enough to allow for a great deal of expression in the eyes and on the faces of the animals in the story. less
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Wanda Gag Honor Book, 2013--best read-aloud for young children
Excellent read-aloud! My K-2 students really enjoyed it.
It was OK.
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