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Available Wife Part 2 (2011)

by Carla Pennington(Favorite Author)
4.52 of 5 Votes: 4
1934230359 (ISBN13: 9781934230350)
Life Changing Books, LLC
review 1: After reading this book you will realize that happiness is not all about how big your house is or the brand of cothes you wear and how your income is because Skye had all of those but what she wanted the most was love. her husband was a very wealthy man he gives her every material thing a woman would want but forgot the most important of all love and respect. he mistreated her, beat he and verbally abused her. but skye had a dicision to make was having to going through all that every day worth the cars, clothes, ect...
review 2: Nikki continue to be ip to her old tricks no matter if that means hurting someone else in the mean time just as long as she gets what she wants.Starting where book one ended with Nikki's boys gone with their dad as she tries to make sur
... moree she stays out of jail.Nikki has everything stripped away from her from her money, company, house, kids, husband and cars to the point she ends up at the one person's house she can't stand to be around her mom.With Nikki plotting to get revenge on A.J, her husband and her sister Jalisa she will do whatever it takes.With secrets being told your mouth will drop with every new secret. Now wondering will Nikki keep being ip to her old tricks or did she learn. Hmmm wondering with there be a number 3. :)Great read I enjoyed it. Really didn't care for her dad and they crazy secret that was told there and with Cliff crazy actions to why he did what he did. But, overall great book. less
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A quick fast paced story cant wait for the third book! Colie cole girl what now, what now!
This book was a very good read!!! Damn it ended with a bang!!!
Loved it! Review is posted on my blog.
Didn't care for the ending.
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