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The Available Wife 2 (2011)

by Carla Pennington(Favorite Author)
4.52 of 5 Votes: 4
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review 1: The Available Wife 2 picks up 6 months after the events of part one. Niquole is definitely up to her old tricks again. With nothing to her name,she's determined to get back everything she's lost and then some. But will she succeed or get lost in the process?!Niquole takes us on a wild, drama filled ride full of secrets and scandals. Carla S. Pennington has quickly shot up my list of favorite authors. I love it when the sequel is better than the 1st, which is the case! Part one was off the chain and 2 is off the meter!! The storyline flowed completely effortlessly. I loved the characters growth. I can't wait to see what else Ms. Pennington has in store for us. Fingers crossed for a part 3! 5 stars!
review 2: Niquole "Nikki" Wright, self-proclaimed BITCH is back
... more with a vengeance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Niquole is fighting for her life and sanity trying to stay out of jail for allegedly shooting Kingston and keeping her record label Kingquole. Along with that fight there is the constant fight that she is having to keep everything that she feels that she deserves, including her husband Germaine and her sons from her sneaky sister Jalisa. They say payback is a mutha so when Niquole feels like it is time to inflict some payback to anybody and everybody who has done her wrong (in her mind) she is headstrong and determined to make EVERYBODY suffer!!!!!! Only thing that Niquole doesn't realize is that karma is also a BITCH!When Carla Pennington writes a book I am not sure if she realizes how wrapped up in the book her readers are but this book had me screaming, steaming and talking to myself because I just kept saying "I can't believe she did THAT!" That is the sign of a GREAT author, one who makes her readers talk to the book and the characters!!!!! I love your work Carla, keep up the AWESOME job!!!!! less
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This book ended really weird. The main character was still off the chain in this one too.
Wow the ending was a surprise but once again award winning read.
it got good at the end but im mad as hell
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