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The Available Wife (2011)

by Carla Pennington(Favorite Author)
4.45 of 5 Votes: 1
0012643599 (ISBN13: 2940012643599)
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review 1: I absolutely could not put this book down! I read it in two days and I was so intrigued by the plot and the main character that I immediately bought Part 2 the next day. This book is a little different from the books I have read recently, rather raunchy and explicit sex, but I loved every bit of it. This author did a great job weaving the characters together and the ending is awesome. I am so ready to read part 2. This review refers to the kindle edition.
review 2: Niquole Pennington should be in a mental institution as crazy just skims the top of how to describe her. Germaine, her husband; Jalisa, her friend; Kingston, her lover; Meagan, her assistant; along with her mother all played a role in the crazy mess which was her life. Niquole was used like a paw
... moren to seek revenge of a rape/suicide but will they let Niquole survive? This urban lit tale has so many twists & turns you won't be able to guess what will happen next. However, there are several editing issues that kept this story from receiving 4 stars. less
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All I can say is OMG!!!!!! This Nikki will make you wanna jump through the book and slap her!!!!!
One of the books ever written!! I love what Carla Pennington does with a pen.
I loved this book . Man oh man did i want to beat her ass!
All I can say is she deserved it!!!
what comes around gives around
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