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Broken Wings (2011)

by Carla Stewart(Favorite Author)
4.04 of 5 Votes: 3
0446556564 (ISBN13: 9780446556569)
review 1: Mitzi and Gabe Steiner captured audiences with their jazz singing as a duo on stage. Now Gabe suffers from Alzheimer’s with Mitzi to care for him in a nursing home. On a fateful night at her volunteer job at the local hospital she runs into Brooke Woodson who is engaged to Lance who is running for DA. Mitzi undercovers the truth behind Brooke’s accident and befriends her. She also shows Brooke what a godly marriage should be about, it isn’t about biological clocks or how much money a husband makes. Mitzi also tells her the story of how Gabe and her got together. Mitzi’s and Gabe’s story is a sweet love story though bittersweet at times.
review 2: This book started out as a 5 star, then went to a 4, then to a 3. Why you ask? I liked the writing s
... moretyle, the author created well thought about, memorable characters. My issue was that I didn't like the flashbacks, I thought they were kind of annoying and hard to follow, and I didn't like the predictability of the whole story. I'm a person who is a fan of twists and turns in the plot and this book just kind of coasted along. It's a good book to bring on vacation with you. less
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Some corny spots, and some predictable outcomes, but this was a sweet book.
quick read, good character development, kind of predictable
Pretty predictable but OK
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