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The Unruly Passions Of Eugenie R. (2000)

by Carole DeSanti(Favorite Author)
3.22 of 5 Votes: 3
review 1: Historical fiction at its finest. This is a fabulous exploration of a woman finding ways to empower herself in the most dire of unfortunate circumstances. Not only did I learn the history of a period from a woman's perspective, but I also felt viscerally how we've had to trade our flesh at times just to survive. Eugeny R. is the quintessential survivor, true to herself, and full of passion and wit. The writing is flawless. I find myself wanting to travel to Paris and retrace her footsteps, and drink and eat with her and her companions.
review 2: Sometimes I really enjoyed this book. Other times I was bored out of my mind and skimmed through many passages. The plot is interesting, even if Eugenie isn't always a likable character, but the overly flowery descripti
... moreons of the setting and historical notes took away from the story. At times the story flowed well, but then the writing would suddenly switch to long, somewhat tedious, flowery prose. less
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A lot of good historical data rag-tagged amidst the life of a young woman in Paris.
Had a hard time getting through this one. 2stars
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