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P.K. Pinkerton And The Deadly Desperados (2013)

by Caroline Lawrence(Favorite Author)
3.77 of 5 Votes: 3
0142423815 (ISBN13: 9780142423813)
The P.K Pinkerton Mysteries
review 1: In his darkest hour P.K. Pinkerton begins writing his story on blank ledger sheets he finds deep in the mines that he is currently trapped in. He came home on his borthday to find his foster ma and pa murdered, and the murderer is after him for a piece of paper left to P.K. by his real ma. He travels to Virginia City intent on eventually finding his way to Chicago to hopefully work with his real Pa's brother, the head of the Pinkerton Detective Agency. Instead P.K. finds himself slipping in and out of disguises as he makes his way around town trying to avoid capture, and figure out who to trust as he has a hard time reading people's facial expressions. Along the way he just might discover that he has the makings of a real detective.This is a rollicking mystery filled with ... morecolorful characters, though almost too many for this audiobook listener to keep up with. It's a great listen with plenty of twists and turns and the ending leaves several questions unanswered while leaving P.K. open to staring in a few new adventures.
review 2: This book seemed to be having an identity crisis. It had simple sentence structure and gave the impression it was for the 10 ish age group. It tried unsuccessfully to throw in adult subject matter in a way it thought it was being cleaver. My child would have given up. It appears this book though written as "young adult" it was more for adults who like to read young adult books. Unless you look forward to explaining to your 10 year old what a 'hore is. less
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Good premise. Well written character, but went on too long.
Not a book to read aloud to 4th graders!
I just couldn't get into this YA Lit.
really good is he a she tho
Very cute!
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