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Can You Keep A Secret? (2014)

by Caroline Overington(Favorite Author)
3.36 of 5 Votes: 5
Bantam: Random House AU
review 1: I found this quite different to her other novels all of which I've read. It was a less complex storyline but introducing real-life works events such as the world trade centre collapse and the introduction of the World Wide Web was a clever way to hook the reader in as they would strongly identify with them. Foreign adoption was another fascinating aspect I enjoyed learning about. I still thought the twist at the end was good and would recommend this book
review 2: I am so completely torn. This novel had me captivated from the beginning. It kept me thoroughly engrossed turning the pages quickly. Then around half way through, it all slowly began to unravel. Certain things that happened between the main characters felt forced, or came out of nowhere but I cont
... moreinued to persevere. Then, I reached 96% and I was concerned as things hadn't been wrapped up. Then it was finally discovered that what I had spent a great deal of time reading, was all a lie? I am torn over this and actually sat in shock for a while after finishing the novel , unsure of how I felt but feeling predominately deceived. I gave it three stars as it was extremely good at the beginning, but if I could split it in two the second half would only get 2 stars. less
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Really liked the twist in this book.
Totally unconvincing story.
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