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The School On Heart's Content Road (2008)

by Carolyn Chute(Favorite Author)
3.08 of 5 Votes: 1
0871139871 (ISBN13: 9780871139870)
Atlantic Monthly Press
Heart's Content
review 1: I've always loved Carolyn Chute's books, despite the fact that they are often panned by Mainers like myself, especially those with Bean's in their family tree. This book was no exception. It felt like going home. I know these people, every one of them. The super conservative militant types, the way-out-there liberal peace lovers, and everyone in between. I love the way it was written, the many points of view, and overall picture it gave you. And I love the ending, no spoilers though. Only reason it didn't get five stars is that I don't think I'd read it again. The story gets played out, and maybe I concentrated hard on every detail (it took me much longer to read than a usual book its size) so I don't feel like I missed anything. Great book, recommended read for ... moresure.
review 2: My least favorite of Chute's book, I just didn't find it as compelling as her other work. Her writing is still way above par and I have written lots of quotes down but... I just wasn't connected to any of the characters and didn't really care what happened to them.However, I did start reading this in the midst of major gardening activity so perhaps I wasn't devoting as much time as I should have. If I ever get into a Chute reread (which I often do with favorite authors) perhaps I'll see it differently.... less
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Recommended. Chute captures life in poor, rural America beautifully.
can't.....force myself....to.........finish....this..awful.....book
Loved the Maine stuff. Had a pretty hard time with the icons.
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