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Where's My Mummy? (2008)

by Carolyn Crimi(Favorite Author)
3.95 of 5 Votes: 4
0763631965 (ISBN13: 9780763631963)
Candlewick Press
review 1: In the begining Baby Mummy wasn't sleepy,so he told Momma Mummy to play hide and go seek with him, she replyed "Ok", I'll count my bandages while you hide. Baby Mummy cheered "Yes". In the middle Baby Mummy was hiding and waiting for Momma Mummy to find him,meantime he got scared by the creepy creatures that were out in the wood.At the end Baby Mummy cryed for help to Momma Mummy,she came to get her son and they went back home to take a long sweet nap.My schema is that I've played hide and go seek before.I recomend this book to Anna Campoz because she loves mummies and she loves to read!
review 2: Reviewed by Jaglvr for Kids @ TeensReadToo.comWHERE'S MY MUMMY? is the perfect book for the Halloween season. Baby Mummy, like any small child, doesn't want to go to
... morebed. He asks his Big Mama Mummy for one more game of Hide and Shriek. So while his mama counts, he goes off to hide. Baby Mummy starts off his game in the cemetery, only to have a visitor come out and tell him to go to bed. Saying he's not scared, he ventures off into other scary places. Baby Mummy meets a variety of scary creatures (perfect for Halloween) without showing any fear. It's only when the most un-scary creature crosses his path does Baby Mummy call out in fear for his mummy. WHERE'S MY MUMMY? is a treat for all ages. Most kids will do what they can to get a few more minutes of staying up. Baby Mummy is no exception. The scary folk he encounters during his game of Hide and Shriek are far from scary. The story will entertain children of all ages. With repetitive words through each adventure, small children will be shouting out the phrases in no time! My 8-year-old son read the story to me with many chuckles along the way, and then my 5-year-old daughter caught on to the repeating words early on to help finish the story. Pick up WHERE'S MY MUMMY? for a frightfully fun read! less
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This one has quickly become a bedtime favorite to be read every night until Halloween... ha!
My kids really loved this book for some reason. I think I read it to them like 10 times.
Reminiscent of Are You My Mother? Some creepy details, but overall sweet in tone.
This is such a cute book. I also love how it teaches you the steps for bedtime.
Currently, my favorite Halloween book.
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