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A Night Away (2012)

by Carrie Ann Ryan(Favorite Author)
4.1 of 5 Votes: 2
1623220033 (ISBN13: 9781623220037)
Fated Desires Publishing, LLC
review 1: This novella is a wonderful visit with Kade and Mel from the first Redwood Pack book. They are now proud and over tired parents. It was great getting into the complex emotions parents have after childbirth. It was terrific seeing them work through the struggles of new parents. Wanting to spend time together but not wanting to neglect their child, feeling guilt over wanting to get away and the exhaustion a new mom can feel.The one night get away held plenty of steamy action!! Loved the reconnecting..it was super hot and heavy!Nice hints at future pairings in the series and a great insight into Maddox the Omega. You really get more of a sense of what makes him tick.A sweet visit with old friends!
review 2: This is a fun short read from the Redwood Pack series. It
... more will probably not be of interest to you if you have not read any of the previous books, but if you have, it adds some interesting depth. My favorite part was seeing how the sisters in law interact with each other and how the brothers (and brother in law) interact with each other. Ok, that might not be my favorite part. I think I liked seeing Maddox as he babysat, the best. I hope he gets his story told soon. If you have read previous works from this series, you will probably enjoy this novella. It does not have the good vs evil of the other books, but does show you more about the characters and their relationships with each other. less
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Just catching up with the Alpha Heir...really enjoyed peeking into their lives again.
a nice short read of Melanie and Kade needing to get away for just the two of them.
Love, love LOVE this series and the men... Let's just say YUMMMMM!!!
brill loved revisiting mel and kade cant wait for more
What a delight.....love, love, love Maddox.
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