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Redwood Pack, Vol. 2 (2012)

by Carrie Ann Ryan(Favorite Author)
4.32 of 5 Votes: 3
1623220068 (ISBN13: 9781623220068)
Fated Desires Publishing, LLC
review 1: This is the story of Reed and Kade. we get a look at what happens when Reed is introduced to not one but two mates. As they figure out how their bond works they are also persued by outside sources. The Centrals are after them after Reed was abducted by the Demon.As the story progresses we learn about Reed and how he fits into the pack dynamic. I thought he was just fine until we hear about his insecurities and his lacking of pack abilities. I was definitely intrigued by the M/M action because being a woman I don't know if I could handle that. I mean I get the 3 way action I just don't know if I would be ok with the rest. Other than the relationship the story was pretty involved. I really did lose myself into the story.we learned in the novella that is attached to this how ... moreKade and Mel are dealing with being the Heirs and also with their baby Finn. It was definitely an eye opener.
review 2: Curl up in your favorite chair with an ice-cold beverage because you are going to need it to cool off after reading this book! The third installment of the Redwood Pack Series does not disappoint, as a romance or an adventure. If you already read Ryan’s Taste of a Mate, you know that Reed has been abducted by a rival werewolf pack. In Trinity Bound (Book #3), we get to really know him and his TWO intended mates. Yep, that’s right. He’s lucky enough to get two. I’ve read some good ménages and some bad ones; Trinity Bound is fantastic! Ryan does such an excellent job of emotionally connecting to each partner in the relationship. It’s hard enough to write an emotionally satisfying story with two main characters, but the author succeeds beautifully with all three of hers.Hannah is so sweet and kind, but with a badass attitude when she needs it. Nothing is going to get between this witch and the men she loves. I also like the fact that a ménage is something she had never considered before, it makes her character so much more real to me that she is mentally processing this relationship as the plot moves along. Reed is artistic, thoughtful, a good listener, but I have to laugh at the times when he behaves like a clueless normal human being. It brings his character to life. Ryan has such a natural way of showing strengths and weaknesses in characters that as a reader you can’t help but feel that you really get to know them as people. It’s the memory of the characters that really seal the deal on a successful story.Josh is the rough and tough SEAL that hides his emotions and won’t let anyone see the softer side. This story is so perfect for him, because that poor man needs two people to love him and make him feel like part of a family. His transformation throughout the book is excellent, especially his temptation by the demon.Which brings me to the dark twist the author has taken in this story. It was by far the right choice and by including witches and demons into her werewolf pack’s lives, it has only added spark, depth, and a lot of intensity to the stories. I can’t wait to see where Carrie Ann Ryan takes it next!In the novella, A Night Away, we get to spend more time with the characters Mel and Kade! So glad we got to have another peek into their relationship. Even a toddler can wear out a werewolf! Everyone reaches that point after having a kid where you just need to make time to reconnect with your partner. This short novella was spot on! You will not be disappointed. less
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Tons of editing issues, but the story was a big improvement over Redwood Pack volume 1.
I so knew Reed would be the fun one...and so talented too with brushes :)
I loved trinity bound. Night away was just okay
Just getting better and better..
Great read.
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