Wounded Writers Ask – Free Write #12 – Twelve Kinds of Ice

I know, interesting title, right?

Here’s the prompt:

List-write by describing twelve kinds of something – 12 kinds of love, 12 kinds of heartbreak, 12 kinds of reward, 12 kinds of gratitude, etc.  Strive for a topic that really resonates with your life right now.

(Inspired by Ellen Bryan Obed’s (2012) Twelve Kinds of Ice)

Wicket from Word Well: Money (I chose this one because it ‘really resonates with my life right now’)

  • Her money
  • My money
  • His money
  • Our money
  • Spending money
  • Saving money
  • Enough money
  • Their money
  • Future money
  • Make money
  • Some money
  • No money
  • Boy, is there a load of subtext to each of these lines.

    (Hi Irene!)

    For funsies:

    13. Tonight I make money!

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